Tipsy Cow

The ice cream with spirit

Every dessert can be a luxury, a victory, a little celebration of flavour and texture. Alcohol and dessert is not a new idea but Tipsy Cow came to us with a weird and wonderful twist on the concept. The ambition was to add spirits to ice-cream in such a precise way that the texture remains a creamy, smooth experience with the familiar flavour of the most popular cocktails.

Our challenge was to create a brand which communicates this intriguing concept where decadent ice-cream meets playful cocktails. The result is a luxurious brand using muted colours accented with bright tones to differentiate flavours. Photography of dancing milk is used to give the packaging an individuality and a feel for the product without seeing it. Sitting behind a frosty door, it was key that the packaging made an impact, being eye catching yet graceful.