The Grange

Making a good thing together

"In 2011, on a south-facing slope of the Hampshire Downs overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the River Itchen, four siblings came together to plant the beginnings of a dream – to create the finest English sparkling wine, on land beloved by the family for generations".

We worked closely with the family to help their vision become a reality. From initial workshops we set out to create something very personal to them, to enjoy and be proud of.  Once we’d extracted why they wanted to create the product it all came down to a simple idea; to make a good thing together. After visits to the vineyards, we were in awe of the beautiful vines and the amazing group of people who painstakingly grow and tend to the vines.

When it came to the creative, we explored multiple routes of how to bring the wine’s identity to life, from illustration to a more geometric, minimalist approach. The end result, was something perfectly in-between. The iconic cedar tree that sits as part of the Grange Estate landscape, make the identity true to their legacy and the place the family call home. The label itself is classically simple and paired back with custom stock and print finishes to give the product an understated but special presence.