Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 was a game changer. Packed full of advanced features like a revolutionary camera that adapts like the human eye, super Slow-Mo capabilities, Bixby Vision and true to life surround sound, its Samsung’s most immersive devices yet.

So for the launch earlier this year we collaborated with the very talented team at Cheil to create a digital experience showcasing the IP68 water-resistance feature that the phone carries. Going against everything you’ve ever learned about getting your phone wet and avoiding water, the S9 can be placed underwater and is also still functional. 

We wanted to take this feature and run with it in a playful, engaging way. So we created an app where visitors take a selfie, choose a character and place the phone into a tank of water. When the phone hits the bottom of the tank, the internal NFC triggers the entire tank and turns into an underwater scene of marine life and quirky characters. Users can then share their selfie within the scene.