A journey re-defined

In 2008, A2B changed the electric bike market forever with the world’s first true ebike. Simply starting an engineering revolution really wasn’t enough for A2B. They wanted their collection to have its own distinct modern identity, not another mediocre brand for bicycles with batteries added. Their collection is so much more than that.

Marmalade were asked to bring this story to life and to help A2B realise its ambitions. Having spent a lot of time product testing, interviewing and embedding ourselves in the company - we realised the incredible amount of detail, hard work and loving attention that had gone into creating the bikes. A2B don't build bikes, they sculpt them. The products are art forms in their own right. This very simply meant we had to create a brand with the exact same approach. To do the brand justice, each products new name was researched and tied back to historical and influential engineers. Our art direction resulted in a series of photographic shoots focusing on every meticulous detail. The brand reflected how the product had re-invented the electric bikes market and modernised the way in which consumers view electric bikes - no longer a functional clunky invention, but a modern piece of art.